Want to create your own masterpiece


I now offer classes so that you can learn my unique 3D Baglique technique and come away with a floral masterpiece of your own.

I hope to offer many technique classes so that you will be able to use all your skills and create your own textile art pieces .

Our next class will be at the Berry Quilt @ Co shop in the picturesque south coast village of Berry. A perfect place to have a quilty weekend away.

29th - 30th April 2017... Banksia Flower

Sat 8th July 2017 .... Flannel Flower

9th - 10th September 2017... Kangaroo Paw

25th - 26th November 2017... Gum Blossoms

New, bigger, Waratah class coming in 2018.


Hobbysew Figtree..10TH AND 11TH February 2018.....Waratah

* Anyone wanting to do the previous Waratah classes, just ask.

More details will be updated as dates are confirmed.

I you would like me come and teach a class in your store or area please contact me at for details.